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Professor David Carless https://youtu.be/5W-K1NjjSd8

The Sixth Public Engagement & Performance Conference will take place on the 20th & 21st March at the award winning Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. Each year the conference brings together researchers from a variety of fields and disciplines – EVERYONE is welcome – the arts, humanities, social sciences, STEM, & charities – We aim to support, develop and foster greater awareness, expertise, and understanding about engaging the public, sharing and communicating research.

The conference provides a supportive forum to share, discuss and learn about different approaches to engagement that include film, performance, installation, and multi-media presentations of research. Alongside performances, presentations and workshops the conference provide opportunities to discuss the practical and technical issues that underpin performance and engagement practices.

the workshops provide unique opportunities for delegates to explore a variety of mediums and issues.

  • What judgement criteria might we use before sharing or ‘going public’ with our research.
  • What is a successful “engagement”? how do we recognise it
  • Should we be concerned about the quality of experimental performance/art and other creative works.
  • What is meant by aesthetic and when and under what conditions might it be pleasing and provoking.

Through a series of keynote presentations, workshops, papers, films and performances we hope to

  • create a supportive space and provide feedback for “work-in-progress”
  • Showcase engagement projects and new performances, films and installations
  • Consider and reflect on how to engage the public through communication that is sensitive, aware, ethically informed, emotionally rich, embodied, provocative, political, and accessible
  • Embrace the potential of arts informed research practices
  • Explore ethical and practical challenges
  • Support reflexivity and embodied practice
  • Engage with our communities by opening some sessions to the public
  • Create work that fulfils the ‘out-put’ requirements of institutions such as, publish in high-impact peer reviewed journals / and engage with the public and policy-makers
  • Provide access to an academic publishers for work presented at the conference

There are a variety of different ways to become involved

  • If you would like to talk about an engagement project or share your research please consider presenting a paper or composing a panel: We welcome a variety of formats including traditional paper presentations, multi-media,  autoethnography, performance, theatre, film, documentary, stand-up or other area of communication and public engagement.
  • Have you a film, documentary, installation, poems, stories, music or installation based on research that could be presented and shared with the public during the conference? Completed works are scheduled within the showcase session [1]
  • We have a wonderful workshop through which participants may learn and expand skills or develop  understanding and expertise.
  • Of course you don’t have to present or perform at all! We have some wonderful key notes, and presentations to inspire and provoke conversation and debate, please come listen, watch, and build interdisciplinary networks that might support your research in the future.
  • If you have an unfinished project, performance, dissertation, paper, or would value input to a story, performance, authoethnography, or are a doctoral student, please consider submitting your work to the special “in-progress” session where our expert team will explore your questions and concerns in a supportive and nurturing environment.

The programme has been designed to provide opportunities for researchers /academics/students/ to develop ideas, to present and discuss their work,  be inspired by others and to forge alliances and collaborations across disciplinary borders, and to present and showcase our work in spaces that can be accessed by the public for selected sessions.

The afternoon showcase event content has yet to be finalised – past events have included stand-up comedy, live music, drama, poetry, films and documentary. The session provides a wonderful opportunity for performers, producers and directors to present their completed project to the public. Before paper presentations, the Friday morning symposia with directors, actors and performers provides a valuable and unusual opportunity for practitioners to candidly talk about what happens behind the scenes and those issues that are not obvious. The session also gives delegates time to have their questions answered.
Additional Information and Schedule will be available shortly
If you have any questions or queries please contact the administration team on by e mail info@engageyork2015.org.uk [1]Please contact Dr Kitrina Douglas kitrinadouglas@gmail.com if you would like to discuss giving a performance or exhibiting your work at the evening event.
Organising Committee 
Christa Saunders
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