Friday 17th March 2017

Day one workshops

We have an amazing line-up for the friday workshops beginning with Delia Muir, Wellcome Trust Fellow based at the University of Leeds and Emeritus Professor Kim Etherington, from the University of Bristol.

Workshop 1: The ‘Lost in Memories’ theatre

with Delia Muir and patients / carers who were involved in the project

The ‘Lost in Memories’ theatre performance draws on research and testimony about dementia and caring. It was developed collaboratively by theatre makers, researchers, patients and carers. During this interactive workshop, participants will have the chance to work with data from the project and consider how to turn carer testimonies into a live performance. The workshop will be led by Delia Muir, a Wellcome Trust Engagement fellow based at the University of Leeds.

Workshop & Key note 2: ‘Creativity and Research: how do they go together?’

In recent years we have seen increasing recognition of the need for research which engages the public, for example through performative methods. These ways of working call researchers to embrace creative and artistic ways of “doing” and “presenting” social research.

Combining stories with creative expression may facilitate deeply reflective multi-layered visual, cognitive, emotive and embodied ways of knowing that are much richer, fuller and holistic than words or numbers alone may provide.

this presentation will be spend some time exploring: what we mean by creativity; the conditions that support creativity and work against it; how we can achieve those conditions; what research has said about the characteristics of creative people and how all of that might inform research training.