Dr Dan Parnell

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Above: Chatting to people who live on streets outside MMU, and field research with Dr Cathrine Curran at the Homeless world cup

Dr Dan Parnell is a Senior Lecturer in Business Management at Manchester Metropolitan University and Associate Director of Connect Sport, a network that serves to raise awareness of and participation in community sport.

Dan is primarily interested in the social role of sport (specifically football) through the evaluation of organisations and interventions using mixed and multi-method approaches both quantitative and qualitative. He currently conducts research with a number of football clubs in England and key strategic stakeholders in football, including the Football League Trust, the English Premier League and the Football Foundation (the UKs largest sports charity). This work concerns research with participants across the lifespan (including “hard-to-reach” groups), and extends to coaches, managers, chief executives, funders, policy makers and other stakeholders. Dan has been led a number of club based interventions based on his work within the Everton Active Family Centre (a unique centre based at Goodison Park the home of Everton Football Club), has completed the national evaluation of the Extra Time programme, alongside completing a further three national evaluations concerning school sport, coach education and sustainable community facility investment. On top of this, Dan is interested in the impact of austerity driven policy measures on the provision of sport and leisure, sport management and Public Health. ​ Dan is interested in utilising various communication methods to share and raise the awareness of the findings of his and others research to the public (individuals, families, communities, organisations, commissioners and policy makers).

All Dan’s publications appear in academiaedu profile, found here: https://leedsbeckett.academia.edu/DanielParnell