Evening showcase

Evening showcase Event

The 2017 evening is open for submissions

  • This year we have a  special stream for short documentaries and films (up to 30min)
  • Submit your completed performances, and presentations these can include poems, stories, songs, talks, short plays/theatre or installations.

Contact info@engageyork2015.org.uk if you have any questions.

NB. We regret that we do not accept films, documentaries or performances from individuals/organisations or groups where there is no intention attend and support the conference. Submissions require at least one member (ie director, producer,  cast member or performer) to register for and participate in the conference in order for their work to included in the programme.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 12.44.29Film makers and performers: Do you present your research as films, dance, stand-up, documentaries, live performances,  installations, songs, community theatre, music or a combination of all of the above? And would you like to share your work? If the answer is yes, you’ll feel at home here and there are a variety of ways to be involved.

If your answer is no, would you like to? Or would you like collaborate with those who do?

The conference offers an ideal environment to network and forge unusual and inspirational collaborations.

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…..social science research 

We are pleased to announce Susan Young will be presenting her film Betrayal as part of the evening showcase.

Susan Young is a BAFTA-nominated animation director based in London and currently researching animation and psychological trauma at The Royal College of Art. Carnival, her Royal College of Art graduation film, features the fluid, dynamic line that defines her commercial work. Commissioned films include The Doomsday Clock, a film about multilateral disarmament for the United Nations, Beleza Tropical: Umbabarauma, for musician David Byrne, and Jimi Hendrix: Fire, for producer Alan Douglas.

Susan’s films, titles, promos and commercials have been screened worldwide and she has served on several international animation festival juries. In 1997 she sustained an overwork-related injury which curtailed her career, but she has recently returned to the Royal College of Art where she is researching animation’s capacity as a medium for bearing witness to trauma by using autobiographical material to create a trilogy of film experiments while exploring new animation techniques.

Synopsis: A patient, trapped in a terrifying relationship with her megalomaniac doctor, resorts to desperate measures to escape.

Betrayal: Film by Susan Y0ung